I produce work for digital and broadcast media and theatre.

I currently work at BBC Children’s InHouse Productions as a Senior Producer, developing, pitching and producing digital and interactive storytelling content for 0-16s, where some of my projects include:

After The DG – A pilot Instagram drama for 13-16s
Zapchat & Ethel’s Hallowed Hall of Magical Fame (The Worst Witch)
Sasha’s Contact Meeting (The Dumping Ground) BAFTA Nominated
The Joseph & Taz Files (The Dumping Ground) RTS Nominated

I created, produced and directed The Shakespeare Project R&D, which was a collaboration between theatre and grime music artists, developing a new grime-music-inspired Shakespearean performance style, with BSL choreography.

I wrote and produced the R&D and pilot tour of #ChipShoptheMusical (in association with Freedom Studios, Octagon Theatre Bolton, Seafish and the Yorkshire Festival), which was a grime-meets-brass, two-hander musical that toured fish & chip restaurants in the north of England.

I have worked as Senior Digital Producer and Digital Producer on multiple deadline-critical and high-profile projects for many leading UK and global organisations, including: Channel 4; Mickey & Mallory Ltd; NHS; BBC; Granada; The Telegraph; Disney; Discovery Communications Group; Endemol Productions; and Orange Communications.

My digital work for the Channel 4/TwoFour prime time series, Bedtime Live, won the IVCA Clarion Gold Award.

As a producer and senior producer, my role has been to:

  • Scope and plan projects and manage project schedules, teams and budgets
  • Write project documentation and manage multiple stakeholder involvement
  • Seek and negotiate group and stakeholder consensus on project and content plans
  • Commission and manage project teams
  • Commission, manage and create all types of digital content across a wide variety of platforms
  • Take full responsibility for all areas of a project and report progress to senior colleagues
  • Design and run colleague, client and stakeholder workshops and consultations
  • Write and consult on digital content and marketing strategies

“The best interactive producer I’ve worked with. Emma did everything digital on Bedtime Live and was truly remarkable.”
Susan L. Maxwell, Executive Producer, Bedtime Live (Twofour Ltd for Channel 4)

“I highly recommend Emma. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but you can trust her to get things done properly, no matter what is needed, how tight the deadline, or how difficult the staff or contractors, she pulls it out of the bag.”
Sarah Charlton, MD at Mickey & Mallory Ltd

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