My Family
Immediate family and what she thinks of them – is Kai family or friend? Current adoptive family? Who else is in the picture that we don’t see/meet in the script? Her past family? Who were they and what was that like?

My Friends
Who is her best friend Kai – friend or family? What other friends does Gerda have? Are they friends at school? Are they from other activities? Are they true friends or is Kai her first true friend? Is she herself with them? Do they have things in common? How much of it is social pressure?

My Home
How does Gerda feel about where she lives now? About where she used to live? What is her home like? Create verbal and literal pictures.

My School
What is Gerda’s school like? Did she have another school before she was adopted? How does she feel about school? What does it look like? Does she feel safe, happy and protected there? Does she have to fend for herself? How do others react to her at school? What are her teachers like?

My Likes
If Gerda had a Pinterest page, what would it look like? (books, music, known people, famous people, school subjects, teachers, computer games, toys, learning, activities, sports, places, types of places, colours, clothes, brands)

My Hates
What would get the thumbs down on a digital profile?

My Problems
Closely related to the script, the things that really bug and trouble Gerda, e.g. – being a ‘crybaby’.

My Story – Z-ed Talk
Specifically related to her crying/how she deals with difficult situations/what her attitude to her own situation is.