YouTube Workshop 1.7.15

General Overview

Family content is bigger than music on YouTube (YT)

Little Baby Bum – UK-based, nursery rhymes online, 2 mill+ subscribers, back-to-back nursery rhymes and songs for kids. Grown from nothing to 2 mill in about 3 years.

Look at Crash Course Kids and Sci Show Kids for high subscriber number educational content

YT 2nd most popular search engine globally and is more popular with kids than Google itself

38% of 11-14 year olds say YT their fave brand

YT’s 10 most popular channels are all channels viewed by 6-12s

Simon’s Cat – animation 3.4 mill subscribers
Talking Tom & Friends – kids can upload and download content

Sesame Street launched Furchester Hotel globally on YT and in UK on CBeebies

YT has studios and post-production in London – for lots of info and support

YT’s algorithim for selecting how vids rank is watch time, not view numbers


Content Surgery

1st 3 words of vid title are worth more than any other words for YT’s search engine

Think about how your audience will access content

Your thumbnail is super important and should be high-contrast and high drama. It is your marketing poster.

Your thumbnail and title should work together, these are the most important things for YT metadata creation, along with what you put in your description.

Featured channel branding should be on bottom right-hand corner. Call to action if viewer already subscribed should be visit channel or watch another video, if not subscribed, should be subscribe.

Put video length on thumbnail.

Consider audio and dynamic movement in cards at end and in video – much more engaging.

When building your channel content, offer short and amalgamated long-form videos, e.g. – lots of songs together.

Cross-promote your content with lots of other similar partners. Find a community.


YouTube Analytics

How is my channel doing – go to views report, look at watch time to work out which vids are working best/most popular.

Also look at how long viewers keep watching for – notice any dips to analyse where you need to amend (audience retention).

Look at traffic sources to understand how people come to your content and how people found you via search

Look at trends to understand what people search for and what you should call your video, e.g. – ‘how to’ or ‘tutorial’ or ‘instructions’ and also to see spikes in popularity of search terms at different times of year that you might be able to tie in with, e.g. – 80s make-up vids at Halloween.

Annotations – if you have more closes than clicks, your current annotation set up is not working.


All Change – Scooby Doo, Where Are You? 2.7.2015
YT is the biggest children’s media channel and growing.

Think about the cognitive development stage of your audience and how your content will help them and meet their needs, while also allowing for play and entertainment within their capabilities and interests.

See ‘Appeal of Gaming’ slide – remember the social aspect of gaming is very important to this age group.

‘Sit forward’ entertainment, rather than passive ‘sit back’ is what works on YT and online. Think interaction, learning, participation, observing other children. Peer-produced content.