After Words

After Words – Ten minutes to tell you everything…

On the morning of their parting, a child receives a short, interactive story, written especially for them, by the adult who loves and cares for them, and designed to last a lifetime of being apart.

Created, developed and written by me, After Words was part of the shortlisted Nesta Alternarratives 2020 prize cohort and follows an infinity loop narrative, through a series of web links and additional content.

“Emma takes her technical skills and knowledge and uses them to investigate the possibilities of storytelling to such a high quality. I think Emma understands young people and what might motivate them to be part of the story.”
Claire Malcolm, Chief Executive, New Writing North

The story is designed to be experienced in ten minutes, or several hours – depending on how much content the reader explores. After Words is digitally immersive for readers and has been created to encourage reading, writing and workshop participation in high school age children and young people.

It was tested on 25 young people, aged 11 to 17, who gave feedback anonymously, as part of the development process, with overwhelmingly positive results.

“I thought it was cool”
“It was cool I guess”
“It’s Pretty cool”
“It was very cool, but also very powerful and symbolic”
“It was inspiring”
“CoolCool and different”
“I thought it was amazingly cool and loved it!”
“It left me awestruck”

Anonymous After Words feedback participants ages 11-17

You can read the story, see the prototype infinity loop, find out more about plans to develop the piece and read the young people’s feedback on the story website – link below.

Visit After Words and the infinity loop poem here

Cover design – Jo Walker – visit Jo’s website here
Infinity loop technologist – Pete Bennett – visit Pete’s website here

After Words is ehw 004