After The DG

Bailey (played by Kasey McKellar)
Elektra (played by Jessica Revell)

After The DG was the BBC’s first Instagram drama for teenagers and I developed and produced the series. I also wrote the Bailey episodes of the series, with the Elektra episodes written by acclaimed writer, Sabrina Mahfouz.

After The DG was a teen spin-off of the hugely popular CBBC series, The Dumping Ground. We moved characters out of the series and into their adult life, to live independently, as young care leavers.

The series was shot entirely on phones and published exclusively to Instagram, across three weeks of time-specific posting by our main characters. We used the grammar of social media, stills, video, graphics and emojis, as well as the copy beneath each visual post, to tell a three episode arc per character.

We had an official main series account, to promote and trail the series and reply to audience comments, and then two separate character accounts, where we told the story, as if all content was being posted by the characters.

I conducted outreach with young people living in care to integrate their stories into the series.

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